Microsoft XBOX 360


New for the Microsoft Xbox is an app called Xbox SmartGlass. Referred to as “ the second screen,” this app lets you use your tablet or smartphone to control movies and games. You can do things like display maps from certain games on your tablet, and use its virtual keyboard to type in web addresses while surfing the Web on your TV. (Before, you had to use the Xbox controller to clumsily move from letter to letter when typing). The most compelling SmartGlass feature is the Xbox Video Guide, which picks up enhanced info such as actor bios while you’re watching a movie. Just simply open Showbox App on your smartphone and watch the latest movies trailer and sit relax with popcorn and watch your movies on Netflix.


So far, SmartGlass has some catching up to equal second-screen apps we’ve seen. Because the devices it works on lack the buttons and joysticks, SmartGlass doesn’t replace your Xbox game controller, but rather works in conjugation with it.


An add-on feature for the Xbox lets you use your body as the controller. With Microsoft's Kinect interface for the Xbox 360, instead of the controller , you use body gestures or voice commands.


The Xbox 360 with Kinect is available in a 4GB version for $300 and a 250GB version for $400. (XBox 360 systems without the Kinect device are still available : $200 for 4GB and $300 for $250). With Xbox live you can view high-def movies and TV shows and listen to music. With an Xbox Live Gold account ($60 a year: $100 for a family pack of four), you can play other games online, watch movies from Netflix and Hulu Plus (if you’re a member), You can surf the website, youtube ,Facebook, and Twitter, and watch sports on ESPN.

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